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Dr. D.C.Pavate

Dadasaheb Chintmani Pavate, M.A (Cantab) (1899–1978) was awarded Padma Bhushan from the Government of India in 1967. He was the vice-chancellor of the Karnatak university Dharwar, and the Governor of Punjab. Pavate was a Cambridge Mathematical Tripos wrangler.

Pavate completed primary schooling from Mamdapur and high school from Gokak. He stood first in B.A Mathematics to Rajaram College, Kolhapur of University of Bombay then.

Pavate went to Cambridge to study M.A in mathematics and earned Mathematical Tripos Wrangler. Pavate was married to Girijabai from Salanhalli village near Gokak. After returning from England, Pavate was appointed as Educational Commissioner of Bombay-Karnataka.

In the year 1954, he served as the third vice-chancellor of the Karnataka University, Dharwar and continued until 1967. The rapid development of the institution is credited to him. In 1967 he was nominated as the Governor of Punjab until he retired in the year 1973.